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A parents guide to medicine safety. Answers to common questions parents ask when their child is sick. It's heartbreaking when our kids are sick and we want to do the best we can for them. Problem is, not all medicines are safe!

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How to Homeschool your child

"Do You Want To Home-school Your Child? And Give Them a Better Education than High Paying Private Schools Do"

Consider the following: The results have been disappointing. In math, our students are performing at just 3% of the world average for the same age students. In English, that percentage jumps a little, but only to 7%. Children in other countries are getting better educations than our own kids, and that will eventually hurt us globally

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32 Ways to Keep The Kids Amused


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200 Problem Solving Tips


Tips on removing a broken key from a lock

Cleaning Gold and Silver

Keeping windshield frost free

Removing ink

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