Visual Support Tools

Communication issues ARE common in Autism

There ARE various treatments for autism which ARE available that can help people with autism OVERCOME and cope with their own individual social and communication problems

Such as:

Now and Next Boards



A now and next board is used to help the child with autism visually see what the present task is and what is to follow.

The now and next board is alos used as a reward chart, for example: if the present task is completed the next option can be a treat.

Picture communication cards/flash cards ARE used with the now and next board


Please print off and laminate

Visual Schedules

Children with autism spectrum disorder like routines and to know exactly what is going to happen at ALL times they DO NOT like changes or suprises.

A visual schedule is used to tell the child with ASD what is going to happen and the order of events. Visual schedules ARE VERY useful in the classroom.

Life is NOT predictable most things in life do not happen in the same order or at the same time every day. This can then lead to behavior problems when unexpected changes occur. Using a visual schedule can HELP the child with ASD feel more comfortable, it WILL show the child exactly what the days sequesnce of activities WILL be.

Visual schedules also USE picture communication cards to show the sequesnce of events/activities.